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Sponsorship and Donations

The International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) is a non-profit, social welfare and spiritual organization engaged in propagating the teachings & values of the great ancient literatures of Vedas. Our London center, which is located in heart of the cosmopolitan city of London, is a dynamically expanding center. This center is tirelessly endeavoring to strengthen the ethical and spiritual fabric of society through various spiritual and educational programs. Your generous donations go towards supporting our temple.

"One who builds or helps to build a beautiful temple for the Lord will be freed from all sinful reactions and will enter the Vaikuntha planets."
(Narasimha Purana)

Why give?

To give something to Krishna is an extremely elevated activity – whether you give some of your time to hear and chant, some of your energy, some of your money or ultimately some of your love. If we give something to Krishna we do not lose anything. In whatever way you give something to him, he will reciprocate in manifold ways. If you can therefore give something to please the Lord, it is also for your own benefit. A devotee offers everything to Krishna – his words, his actions and his thoughts. This is, of course, an elevated platform, but Krishna declares in the Bhagavad-gita that if you cannot do this, then give at least a part of the fruits of your activities and you will gain upliftment to a spiritual platform.

In order to offer Krishna opulent worship, many things are required. Your help will be highly appreciated.

What to give?

There are unlimited ways to contribute to Krishna’s temple – your time and service, financial support.

How to give?

Every contribution, large or small, makes a difference. Making a donation to ISKCON London today is a first step in establishing a special relationship with the temple. Learn about the many ways you can give to Krishna and become part of our growing family of contributors.

Daily Sponsorship


Arati Amount
Mangala Arati - 4.30 am £71
Dhoopa Arati – 8 am £46
Raj Bhoga Arati - 12.30 pm £86
Dhoopa Arati - 4.15 pm £46
Sandhya Arati – 7 pm £51
Shayana Arati – 9 pm £41

"One who offers the Deity gifts of land, markets, cities and villages so that the regular daily worship and special festivals of the Deity may go on continually will achieve opulence equal to My own."
(Srimad Bhagavatam 11.27.51)


Item Amount
Bhoga for Deity dept per week £95
Milk for Deity dept per week £55
Breakfast £108
Ekadasi Breakfast £131
Lunch Program £175
Ekadasi Lunch Program £108
Sunday Feast £251
Ekadasi Sunday Feast £300
Daily flowers for garlands £51

"One should distribute vishnu-prasada to everyone, including the poor man, the blind man, the nondevotee and the non-brahmana. Knowing that Lord Vishnu is very pleased when everyone is sumptuously fed with vishnu-prasada, the performer of yajna should then take prasada with his friends and relatives."
(Srimad Bhagvatam 8.16.56)

Click here to make a donation.

Festival Sponsorship

Festivals are an important time when we celebrate auspicious days to connect and receive blessings from Sri Radha and Sri Krsna. There are many ways that you can participate - attend services at the temple, sponsor particular events, make donations on behalf of other loved ones. Please see below sponsorship opportunities.

Festival All Deities Radha & Krsna Jagannath, Baladev & Subadra Giri Govardhan Gaura & Nitai Tulasi Devi
Gaura Purnima £2000 £800 £1080 £30 £50 £40
Janmastami Day outfit £2000 £800 £1080 £30 £50 £40
Janmastami Night outfit £2000 £800 £1080 £30 £50 £50
Radhastami (Flower outfit) £700 £175 £315 £35 £140 £35
Govardhan Puja £2000 £800 £1080 £30 £50 £40


Festival All Deities
Janmastami festival feast £751
Other festival feast £301
Janmastami flowers £501
Flowers for other festival £251

Click here to make a donation.

On the day of the festival, your name will be displayed and you can collect a box of Maha Prasadam from the Temple Shop.

If you would like to dedicate a special offering, prayer or some words of appreciation, send us an email with your message to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. giving us the amount and date on which you donated and the item you would like to sponsor. This will be read out to the Deities on the festival day.

You can also give while at the temple! While visiting the temple make your donation directly into the donation box located in front of the altar or at Radha’s Boutique.

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