London College of Vedic Studies, the educational arm of ISKCON-London, offers a wide range of courses based on ancient teachings of the Vedas. It is aimed at integrating spiritual teachings into everyday life through the academic study of Vedic philosophy and practical training.

Our aim is to share with you how timeless philosophy and wisdom from eastern Vedic culture can be practically applied in modern times so you can lead a healthier, happier and more balanced life. Below are our upcoming courses and seminars for you to choose from.

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Friday, 01 January 2021

Learn to play the mridanga from a highly experienced kirtaneer!

Are you up for acquiring new skills to boost your devotional practice? This online workshop is for beginners or those with some knowledge, who would like to learn the basics of playing mridanga.

Friday, 01 January 2021

Learn the art of growing Tulasi at home

Tulasi is auspicious in all respects. Simply by seeing, simply by touching, simply by remembering, simply by praying to, simply by bowing before, simply by hearing about or simply by sowing this tree, there is always auspiciousness. Anyone who comes in touch with the Tulasi tree in the above-mentioned ways lives eternally in the Vaikuntha world.

Friday, 01 January 2021

Is it true? Have we lived before, will we live again. How to understand Karma? Why do good things happen to bad people.

Friday, 01 January 2021

Learn the rituals of worshiping the divine form

Deity worship is a key means by which to develop a personal conception of the Lord and the mood of service. In the home, it can help to make the Lord the centre of the household and worshippers to purify their existence. Ultimately it is the training ground for the spiritual world, and thus a fundamental aspect of one’s development in Krishna consciousness.

Tuesday, 04 May 2021

Learn about karma, reincarnation, the search for happiness and the science of the soul.

Tuesday, 04 May 2021

An enlivening introduction to the eastern spiritual wisdom and practice

Bhakti yoga is not an armchair philosophy, a religious doctrine or a Sunday ritual. It is a way of life. This course is for anyone who wants to know about the philosophy and practices of the bhakti tradition.

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