Improving Our Sadhu Sanga

Saturday, 23 February 2019

Find the key to your spiritual advancement and personal happiness

We are familiar with Rupa Goswami‘s explanation of the development of pure devotional service. It starts with a little attraction or faith (sraddha) which brings us to the temple or sanga gatherings. Then we need to engage in sadhu sanga, association with advanced devotees. By such association we should develop strong faith, and commitment to the process of bhakti yoga.

“The root cause of devotional service to Lord Krsna is association with advanced devotees (sadhu sanga). Even when one’s dormant love for Krsna awakens, association with devotees (sadhu sanga) is still most essential.” - Caitanya Caritamrita Madhya Lila 22.83

Srila Prabhupada equates sadhu sanga with discussions of transcendental literature amongst devotees. He frequently exhorts us to discuss his books systematically and scrutinisingly. This seminar looks at some of these instructions and also other evidences from Srila Prabhupada how we can get the most out of our sastra discussions. Through continual sadhu sanga, we should gradually make advancement in spiritual consciousness, rise above the miseries of material existence, and become increasingly peaceful and happy.

This seminar can be useful to any serious practitioner regardless of their current level of sastric knowledge. In this seminar, we look at what is sadhu sanga and how we can begin to improve our sadhu sanga, specifically by improving our discussions about Krishna. We will be learning techniques that can help enhance the discussion experience.

What Will Be Covered:

Introductory Seminar covers:

  • What calibre of saintly person do we need to associate with in order to advance spiritually?
  • How should we associate with saintly people?
  • How can we tell if the association is helping us?
  • What can we do to improve our association?

Full Course (open only to those who attend Introductory Seminar) covers:

  • The Principles of Sadhu Sanga
  • The Protocols of Sadhu Sanga

There is also the opportunity to book 10 Personal Coaching sessions (for 4 pairs only) with HG Cintamani dhama dasi. These coaching sessions will be for pairs (friends or partners) and will last for an hour each week.

Course Details:

Facilitator: HG Cintamani dhama dasi
Introductory Seminar: Saturday 23rd February 2019 | Time: 10.30am - 1.00pm | Location: Seminar Room
Full Course: Saturdays, 2nd & 9th March 2019 | Time: 10.30am - 2.00pm | Location: Seminar Room
Personal Coaching: Saturdays, 16th March 2019 - 11th May 2019 (except 13th April) | Time: 10.30am - 3.30pm (1 hour per pair) | Location: Seminar Room
Course Fee: Introductory Seminar: £10 | Full Course: £15 | Personal Coaching: £35 (per pair for 10 sessions)

Alternatively you can register at the Temple shop by visiting in person or calling on +44 (0)207 437 3662.


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