Henna Tattooing Workshop

Saturday, 06 April 2019

Let your creativity soar through an exotic, decorative body art.

If you have ever wanted to know a little bit more about henna and just fancy seeing how you get on with it why not come to our upcoming henna workshop. This workshop is suitable for the beginner! Whether you're new to henna or have been practicing for years, there is always something to learn. Begin or grow your love of henna in a small group, interactive setting.

The workshop starts with the absolute basics upon which all complex henna designs are built, so once you learn the techniques, the possibilities are endless! This beginner's workshop will be focused on flowers, paisleys and other patterns, enabling you to draw these elements in a variety of styles with confidence and perfection, and combine them to form visually stunning henna designs. Basic henna strokes will be practiced and you will receive tips and techniques to help you set and achieve your goals in henna artistry. Priya is a qualified henna artist, and she teaches in a comprehensive, hands-on manner, providing both general and individual pointers to help you develop your creative skills.

This will be a hands-on, interactive session and you can take home a ready-to-use henna cone and some simple designs to follow!

What Will Be Covered:

  • The history of henna
  • How to create and design your own henna strips
  • Drawing henna shapes on paper
  • How to use a henna cone
  • Practising lines and shapes with henna cones on paper
  • Common, simple elements that create complex designs
  • Essential tricks for having a steady hand
  • Care after applying henna

Course Details:

Facilitator: Priya
Date: Saturday, 6th April | Time: 4pm - 6pm | Location: Seminar Room
Course Fee: £12

Alternatively you can register at the Temple shop by visiting in person or calling on +44 (0)207 437 3662.


9-10 Soho Street
London W1D 3DL, UK

Srila Prabhupada
Founder-Acharya His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada

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