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Volunteering Opportunity: Communication Officers

Have a flair for networking or are you a communications professional looking to use your skills to help the Temple build relationships with external communities?

ISKCON-London Communications Department is looking for volunteers to help build relationships with:

Our neighbours: Our Temple is part of the larger Soho community and Borough of Westminster which include businesses, art, culture and families. We are looking for a volunteer to help build bridges with our neighbours by understanding things that affect them and ways to communicate with them.

Interfaith organisations: Interfaith dialogue presents us with a chance to develop mutual trust and understanding between people of other faiths and our devotees. It gives us a chance to share our commitment and faith with others, whilst respecting their commitments to their own faith. We are looking for a volunteer to help build bridges with interfaith groups by organising our participation in various initiatives across the city.

Government officials:We are looking for a volunteer to help in strengthening relationships within the government network with a focus on Westminister Council.

Yoga communities: Gone are the days when yoga meant only physical asanas. Today, yoga practitioners are looking for a way of life and a path to enlightenment. Hare Krishna temples have exciting opportunities to build bridges with the yoga community in new and stimulating ways. We are looking for a volunteer to help build bridges with the yoga community by understanding the yoga scene in London.


  • Familiar with Hare Krishna philosophy and lifestyle
  • Fluent in written and spoken English
  • Good communication skills

If you are interested, please send an application to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. outlining your reasons for wanting to volunteer at ISKCON-London, and your relevant skills and experience for this role.

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