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Sri Sri Radha-Londonisvara

Welcome to ISKCON-London

Welcome to the world of Vaishnava culture and Vedic learning, the home of Radha and Krishna. Welcome to the world of tranquillity, beauty and spiritual bliss. Welcome home.

Daily Darshan

Interview with Navadvipa Prabhu

His Grace Murli Manohara Prabhu Anyone who knows something of our temple knows well that it’s a hive of devotional activity. In fact each and every dept could have a separate web-site. Especially the deity dept. The personal service of Sri Sri Radha Londonisvara, Sri Sri Jagannath, Baladev and Subhadra Maharani, Gaura Nitai and Girigovardhan involves many devotees not only from the temple residents, but also many members of our growing congregation are coming forward to taste the sweet nectar serving Srila Prabhupada's favourite deities.

This then is a humble attempt to glorify their Lordships, their selfless servants and the unlimited service that for most parts goes on behind closed doors.

We will include interviews with devotees who are serving their lordships now and those who have served in the past. We will include articles from different devotees as well as statements from Srila Prabhupada concerning deity worship.

We will give you up to date details on sponsorship details and opportunities for service as well as up to date news. We also invite you to ask any particular questions that you might have or you may also submit something you would like to share, some realization or appreciation.

Below is part one of an interview with Navadvipa Prabhu.


Interview with Navadvipa Prabhu Part 2

What particular services did you perform, was it cooking, dressing, everything on the schedule?

I was always more on the dressing side, started of with dressing Gaura and Nitai. Then I think I went to Girigovardhan. Lord Jagannatha was not here at that time. Took a long time before I got to dress Radha and Krsna. But again as circumstances would have it, something happened and there was absolutely no one. I used to dress in the night but there was absolutely no one to dress in the morning. They searched everywhere, called high and low, but there was no one. So I got thrown in at the deep end. I was never shown how to dress in the mornings. I was told  “You are doing it” So I went to the head pujari and said  “I'm doing it?' She said “ yes Navadvipa don't be so mental your doing it and that's it”.


Interview with Navadvipa Prabhu Part 3



Murli Manohara das: So you have been doing this service for how many years?

Usually I am a bit hesitant to say, lets just say over 20. The exact figure I will not say, but a good innings by anyone’s estimation. Sometimes I feel a little proud. Not proud from the sense that I am worth anything but I think sometimes if the devotees here they will say...


I was overwhelmed with gratitude

 ...But there is another realization even more concrete, which I would like to share with the readers in regard to Radha- Londonisvara, whom Srila Prabhupada described as his favorite Deities.


Interview with Navadvipa Prabhu Part 4

JagMurli Manohara das: What are your fondest memories in serving as a Pujari here in London?

I have to say one of the first thrills I had was offering the midnight arati on Janmastami, because at that point of the year, the devotees whatever they have been doing wherever they are, whoever they are, congregation, what ever, everyone turns up to the point that the temple room at Soho St is at bursting point.



The way it was when I joined in London...

 The way it was when I joined in London, 1969, we saw the temple Deities as our friends.



Interview with Navadvipa Prabhu Part 5

Murli Manohara Das: Any ideas for the future, how could we improve, or what would you like to see happen say the next say 5 or 10 years
I would say maintaining were we are would be very good. Recently they was a 24hr bhajan (Bhima Ekadasi) and I thought that was so good for the atmosphere in the temple. I was thinking if that could be done every Ekadasi that would be so beneficial for the temple and the congregation.

Tending the deity...

 By H.H Sivarama Swami, some words on Deity Worship


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