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Teachings of Queen Kunti

Date: Tuesday, 25th August

The tragic and heroic figure of Queen Kunti emerges from an explosive era in the history of ancient India. Kunti’s words – the simple and illuminating outpourings of the soul of a great and saintly woman devotee – reveal both the deepest transcendental emotions of the heart and the most profound philosophical and theological penetrations of the intellect. Her words are words of glorification impelled by a divine love steeped in wisdom.


Tree of Life

Date: Thursdays, 23rd July - 20th August

The Tree of Life is a simple model that shows how we can lead a vibrant, inspired spiritual life and help others to do the same. It consists of three parts that bring your life to a level where you can live with a deep connection to the Supreme Reality. It is an interactive insightful and inspiring seminar on a modern outlook of the ancient science of taking care of our body, mind and soul. Just as a tree needs to have deep roots, a strong trunk and a flourishing crown, we all need to have roots in eternity, a supportive life style, in which physical, emotional and social needs are met, and the fruits of contributing to the lives of others. The seminar will help you discover how to effectively and practically harmonize these three fundamental aspects of life.


Mind: Best Friend or Greatest Enemy?

Date: Sunday, 2nd August

What is it that sometimes can torture us with seemingly endless energy and reasons and yet soon afterwards can be giving us intense emotional experiences that bring us seemingly endless happiness? One minute on our side and the very next minute its against us. It is our mind.

The power of our mind is not to be underestimated. Master your mind and you can master your life!


Culture of the Divine

Date: Sunday, 26th July

This seminar will investigate the effect culture has on our everyday lives. How do we know the often unspoken social guidelines governing society actually work for our benefit, rather than keep us from realizing our full potential as human beings? What does the ancient Vedic paradigm have to say about culture? Is it possible for us to apply principles from the Vedic model in our modern lifestyle, and if so, how? What would be the benefit?


Feminine vs Masculine Principles

Date: Saturday, 25th July

We are all feminine on the absolute plane, but within the material sphere of duality, we are either masculine or feminine. Our success in life is dependent on our realization of what vehicle we are moving around in, so as to negotiate it properly. There is no doubt that with this knowledge, marriages, child rearing, and all relationships can be developed and maintained much more effectively.


Ayurvedic Nutrition Course

Date: Saturday, 11th July

Can diet help you live a healthier life? Why does diet affect our health and how does it affect our consciousness? What diet to choose? Discover the secret to a healthier life.


Science of Self Realization Course

Date: 2nd July - 16th July

Are we really just a collection of RNA, DNAs and proteins? Or are we the mind, intelligence, meant to seek temporary pleasures? Or are we something much deeper?

Do we control our own lives or have we been put into a matrix? Why, how and who did this to me?


Introduction to Bhakti Yoga

Date: Various dates

Would you agree that life is exciting when we are always progressing? When our happiness and success is ever-evolving in new ways – no matter whether we have an amazing day or a stressful difficult day? If you agree, then the Introduction to Bhakti Yoga Course offers you an enlivening chance, to develop and experience that lifestyle - to perfection.



Course Coordinator - Bhakta Dmitry

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