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Sri Giriraj

Sri Sri Gaura Nitai

Sri Sri Jagannath, Baladev & Subhadra

Sri Londonisvara

Sri Londonisvara's Lotus Feet

Sri Radha

Sri Sri Radha-Londonisvara

Sri Sri Radha-Londonisvara

Welcome to ISKCON-London

Welcome to the world of Vaishnava culture and Vedic learning, the home of Radha and Krishna. Welcome to the world of tranquillity, beauty and spiritual bliss. Welcome home.

Daily Darshan

Upcoming Ladies Gathering (Sanga) Meetings

Join us every Thursday from 6pm onwards in the Seminar Room for an evening of meditation, reading philosophy, singing, dancing and making new friends! (For ladies only). Dates and details for February and March are now available.

  • 23rd February - Chanting Session (Tips, Q&A, Group Japa, Kirtan)
  • 2nd March - Bhagavad Gita Session (Reading & Discussion, Chapter 4 Verse 15)
  • 9th Marcg - Guest Session (Speaker: HG Sarva Mangala devi dasi)
  • 16th March - Movie Night (Mother Ganga)
  • 23rd March - Dine Out Session (At Healthy Wealthy, 10 Brecknock Rd, London N7 0DD)
  • 30th March - Chanting Session (Tips, Q&A, Group Japa, Kirtan)

Founder & Spiritual Master

Weekly Class Schedule

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Temple Broadcast

Click here to go to the Temple Camera Video Stream page.